• Nanaboshi Connector NMI Series Type 903,904

    NMI Series Connector Nanaboshi


    1.Supply of electric power to hight-current electrical equipment  for movement of a siteof contractions, etc.

    2.Supply of electric power  to a high-current motor, etc

    3.Simplification of maintenance of high-current electrical equipment, etc

    •Material and Finish

    1.Supply of electrical power to high-current electrical equipment for movement of a site of contructions, etc

    2.Insulator : - Materials : Synthenic resin

    3. contact : - materials : Copper alloy

                           - Finish : Silver Plating

    4.Packing : -Material : synthenic rubber

    • Cable Termination : Soldering

    •Operating temperature range : – 25°C to - 85°C

    •Water resistance : Waterproof  type

    •Electrical Perfomance

    1.Type NMI-903 : - Rating : 600V 200A

                                     - Withstand Voltage : 2.500V(1 min)

    2.Type NMI-904 : - Rating : 600V 200A

                                     - Withstand Voltage : 2.500V(1 min)
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