• Kofloc Variable Secondary Pressure Flow Controller Model 2203 Series

    Variable Secondary Pressure Flow Controller (Not subject to outlet pressure variations)


    A flow controller is a differential pressure regulator designed to control minute gas flows with precision and keep a certain constant flow rate. Model 2203 Variable Secondary Pressure Flow Controller is a control valve that keeps mass flows at a constant rate under a given constant level of supply pressure even when the load pressure on the secondary side (outlet side) fluctuates, and its construction is designed so that the performance of its precision control over flows to the set flow rate is maintained by the incorporated precision needle valve without being affected by such fluctuations.


    1.Stable flow control
       A non-rotary needle valve composed of high-precision components ensures smooth control of minute flows.

    2.Not subject to load pressure fluctuations
       The incorporated precision needle valve protects flows from being affected by secondary or outlet pressure fluctuations, so the product is a 'must-be' tool in the first stage of any flow control line.

    3.Cleanliness ensured
       All the components are super-cleaned before assembly so that the product can be safely used even on instruments for analysis for which cleanliness is essential.


    1.Gas chromatographs
    2.Environmental instrumentation systems
    3.Gas mixing systems in various fields 

    Standard Applications

    Rated flow ranges : Gas: 10 ML/min–20 L/min
    Control accuracy : Change in reading within 1.0% of change in load pressure
                               (Inlet-outlet pressure difference must be at least 0.05 MPa.)
    Number of turns of regulating screw : Approx. 12 turns
    Maximum operating pressure : 0.8 Mpa
    Maximum operating temperature : 60
    Materials of parts in contact with fluids : (A) Al, brass, POM, NBR
                                                              (SS) SUS316, fluorocarbon resin, FKM
    Connection end : Rc 1/8 (M8 + Rc 1/8)
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