• Kofloc Togglo Valve Model 5500 Series

    Kofloc Togglo Valve 

    Model 5500 Series

    The KOFLOC toggle valve is a shutoff valve developed for quick, reliable opening/closing operation. The special structure with a valve section and special O-ring excels in durability, while ultra-cleanliness assures high-sensitivity analysis.

    1.Lifting by 90 degrees and tilting for quick opening/closing.
    2.Precision machining ensures high air-tightness.
    3.The dead space has been minimized.
    4.The valve can be used for both gas and liquid.
    5.This panel-mount type for easy mounting on a panel is compact and ideal for instrumentation.

    1.Scientific instruments, analyzers, and environmental measuring instruments
    2.Compact portable measuring instruments
    3.Instrumentation panel boards and various testing devices.

    Standard Spesifications
    1. Open/close operation : 90 derajat toggle
    2. Orifice diameter : 1.5
    3. CV Value : 0.06
    4. Maximum operating pressure : 0.8 Mpa
    5. Materials of parts in contact with fluids : (B) Brass, FKM, NBR, Ai
                                                                          (S) SUS304, FKM
    6. Connection end : M8x1 (option: Rc 1/8, Rc 1/4)
    7. Mounting : Panel mount
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