• Kofloc Reed Switch Flow Meters Model RK1970/RK1975/RK1976 Series

    Reed Switch Flowmeters (for Alarm Switches)

    MODELS RK1970/RK1975/RK1976 SERIES

    These compact reed switch flowmeters developed centering the focus on cost reduction are for monitoring gas and liquid flows. Any of these models is optimum for process control of cooling water.

    Features :
    1.Low price
    2.Compact design
    3.Compatible with gases and liquids

    Standard Spesifications :

    Fluids : H2O and gases (H2 cannot be used for RK1975, RK1976)

    Accuracy : FS±5%

    Proof pressure : 0.5 MPa standard

    Materials : SUS 316, Pyrex®, FKM, POM, glass,
     fluorocarbon resin

    Available scale : 10: 1

    Connection : Rc ¼

    Ambient temperature : 10-35
    (No condensation)

    Length designation code :

    H2O : 0.1-1L/MIN                Air (2) : 3-30L/MIN                         
               0.3-3L/MIN                               10-100L/MIN
                0.5-5L/MIN                               15-150L/MIN

    H2O : 0.3-3L/MIN               Air (2) :  10-100L/MIN
               0.5-5L/MIN                               15-150L/MIN

    Contact method :
    (A) Turns on when the flow rises over the set point.
    (B) Turn on when the flow goes down over the set

    Alarm setting range : 20-90% F.S. common for all fluids

    Contact rating : 100VAC/100VDC 10VAAC/10WDC

    *Calibration conditions for the flow ranges above are at the 20
    (atmospheric pressure) for air, and at 20 (0.3 Mpa) for H2O

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