• Kofloc Purge Flowmeter Model RK1000 Series

    Purge Flowmeter (for Scientific Instrumentation System)

    This is a glass tube float type flowmeter materialized through our all-out effort at streamlining the production line to offer users a low-cost model that can be shipped in a reduced period of delivery. While it is outstandingly compact(total length of the smallest type: 80 mm), it provides high performance in stability that bears comparison with any high precision models and is optimum to form a part of the customer's scientific instrumentation system.


    -Superior stability



    -Wide variations


    -For integration into equipment panel

    -For gas purge systems

    -For measurement of welding gas flows

    -For various types of analyzers

    -For semiconductor manufacturing equipment

    Standard Specifications

    - Fluids : Air,N2,O2,H2,He,Ar,and CO2 (Calibration by actual gas) For other gases,consultation is necessary regarding whether conversion conditions or calibration by actual gas is to be used.

    - Flow range(Full scale) : 1L,2L,3L,5L,10L,15L,20L/MIN

    - Accuracy : FS±5%(Measurement point)

    - Proof pressure :*0.8MPa for 5L/MIN or less
                              *0.5MPa for 10 L/MIN or more

    - Available scale : 10:1

    - Body block and some other components  : *S : SUS304; SUS303
                                                                                  *BS : Brass

    - Tapered tube : *S & BS : Pyrex®, glass

    - Packing : *S : FKM
                     *BS : NBR

    - Float : * S & BS : Pyrex,SUS316, glass

    - Protective cover :* S & BS : Acrylic resin

    - (Temperature resistance) : * S & BS : MAX60°

    - Connection : * S & BS : Rc1/8(Standard);Rc1/4(Optional)
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