• Kofloc Low-Cost Flowmeter Model RK1700 Series

    Low-Cost Flowmeter (for Immediate Delivery)


    Model RK1700 Series Flowmeter centers the focus on cost reduction using SUS 316 as the material of construction. This flowmeter covers flow ranges from 1 l/min to 50 l/min and can be shipped in one week after the customer's purchase order.


    -Very reduced price 

    -One-week delivery 

    -Compact design


    -Operating temperature is 20°C (at atmospheric pressure).

    -The needle is located at the bottom. (Standard specification)

    -Supply pressure, standard: 0.1 MPa to 0.3 Mpa

    Standard Specifications

    - Flow range (Full scale) : 1L, 5L, 10L, 30L, 50L/MIN (AT20°C)

    - Fluids : Use for Air, N2 and O2 exclusively

    - Accuracy : FS±7%

    - Available scale : 10:1

    - Proof pressure : 0.5Mpa

    - Materials :  SS : SUS 316, Pyrex, FKM, SUS 304, SUS 303, glass
                           BS: Brass, Pyrex, NBR, SUS303, glass

    - Temperature Resistance : MAX. 60°C

    - Connection : Rc1/4
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