• Kofloc Flow Meter with Flow Controller Model 2504FR Series

    Flow Meter with Flow Controller (Not Subject to Inlet Pressure Change)


    The constant flow valve Model 2204 that permits constant flow and the precision flow meter RK1400 are combined in this flow meter to permit high-precision measurement and control of a wide flow range from very small flow to medium flow when the gas supply pressure (inlet side) changes.


    1. This flow meter ensures constant flow under the constant pressure on its outlet side even if the pressure on the inlet side changes.

    2. The flow controller is made on the basis of the Model 2204 with excellent precision control characteristics, permitting smooth control of very small flow.

    3. The measuring section of the flow meter made on the basis of the high-precision float type flow meter RK1400 ensures highly reliable flow.

    Standard Spesifications

    1. Fluids : Air,N2,O2,H2,He,Ar,CO2 (Calibration with actual gas)
              For other gases, please consult us regarding conversion conditions or calibration with the actual gas to be used.
    * Option: Scales for two types of fluids

           2. Flow range (FS) : From 1–10 ML/MIN to 1–10 L/MIN (Refer to the Capacity Table on page 55.)

           3. Accuracy : FS ±2% (Measurement point)
               The flow fluctuation is within FS ±2% when the inlet pressure changes to 0.07–0.7   MPa under  the flow meter outlet pressure condition.

           4. Control pressure : The pressure difference between inlet and outlet must be 0.07 MPa or more.

          5. Proof pressure : 5L/MIN or less : 0.7MPa
                                        10 L/MIN or more: 0.5 Mpa

          6. Available scale : 10:1

    Material :  SS

    Body block : SUS316
                         Al, Brass

    Tapered tube : Pyrex , glass

    Packing : FKM

    Float : Pyrex, SUS316, glass

    Protective cover : Acrylic resin

    Heat resistance : MAX60

    Connection : Rc 1/4 (Standard), Rc 1/8 (Optional)

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