• Kofloc Flow Meter for Alarm Switches Model RK1930 & RK1935 Series

    Compact Reed Switch Flow Meter for Alarm Switches

    MODEL RK1930, RK1935 SERIES

    The RK1935 Series has been developed for compact alarm switches. It is a compact flow meter for small equipment panel designs.


    1.Compact design

    2.Applicable to gas and liquid
    3.With alarm contact
    4.Low price

    Standard Spesifications and Length Designations:

    Fluid                                             H2O

    Accuracy                                      FS±5%

    Proof pressure                            0.5MPa

    Material                                     (S) SUS303, 304, Pyrex®, FKM, POM, glass
                                                        (B) Brass, Pyrex®, NBR, POM, glass

    Available scale                            10:1

    Connection                                 Rc 1/4

    Environmental temperature       10–35 (No condensation)

    1. H2O
    Flow scale (L/MIN) : 0.1-1.0

     Alarm setting range (L/MIN) :  0.2-2.0            

    Method of contact : (A) ON when the reading is above the set value
                                         (B) ON when the reading is below the set value

    2. Contact capacity    : 100VAC/100VDC 10VAAC/10WDC

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