• Kofloc Acrylic Resin Flow Meter Model RK500 Series

    Acrylic Resin Flow Meter


    This acrylic resin flow meter is designed for measuring large flow. The flow meter integral with a transparent acrylic panel permits easy reading, coming in two types according to the direction of flow – one from bottom to top and the other on the back side. It can be mounted on a panel with a support metal.

    Features :
    • Lightweight and easy flow reading
        The acrylic panel is made integral.

    • Application to water
       The flow meter can be used for measuring water at up to 75 L/MIN.

    • Low price
       Simple structure and low price.

    Spesifications :

                                               AIR L/MIN                                                              WATER L/MIN
    Flow range                       (RK500I, RK500S) 100-700, 100-1400                 1-15
                                              (RK500VS) 100-700, 100-1400, 400-3000           4-36

    Accuracy                            : Full scale ±3%

    Material      Body•packing   : Transparent acrylic resin, NBR
                         Float                   : Stainless steel

    Proof pressure                      : 0.7MPa

    Temperature resistance      : 65 (MAX)

    Connection                           : NPT1

    Remarks                                : Models with a valve are S (direction of flow) only.

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