• Elektrogas VMR VMR60

    VMR VMR60
    Safety solenoid valves for air and gas, fast opening and fast closing type
    The VMR type valve is a fast opening solenoid valve that is normally closed.When the coil is not energized the spring works on the disc keeping the gas passage closed. When the coil is powered the valve opens. When power is switched off the valve rapidly shuts.

    This type of device is suitable for gas and air blocking and adjusting controls in atmospheric burners or fan-assisted burners, in industrial kilns and in all gas equipments which use gas solenoid valves (qualified for continuous service – 100% ED).
    Functioning and application
    The VMR type valve is a safety shutting device using auxiliary power supply.
    When it is de-energized, the spring pushes on the seal disc, keeping the gas passage closed.
    Now, the inlet chamber is under the gas line pressure which forces on the disc, increasing the
    closing function and improving the seal.
    When the coil is powered the valve opens rapidly, against the strength of the spring and gas
    pressure. The flow may be adjusted using the regulating screw on the top (see the installation
    and service instructions).
    If the power supply is shut off, the valve rapidly closes, interrupting the gas flow.
    Rp1/4 … Rp1/2
    Rp3/8 … Rp2½
    DN40 … DN150

    Operating pressure
    0 ... 200 mbar
    0 ... 360 mbar
    0 ... 500 mbar
    0 … 6 bar
    Gas type
    Air and non-aggressive gases (Family 1-2-3, EN 437)
    Special version for Biogas/COG
    EC-type tested and certified according to EN 161

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