• Elektrogas Accessories PCS

    Elektrogas Accessories PCS

    Proof of closure switch

    The PCS is a mechanically activated switch for monitoring the position of the valve plate.
    This device can be fitted to valves and actuators. It is designed in accordance with norm EN161 to detect the closed status. The compact, robust and functional design permits a simple and quick installation even on the field.
    It is essentially maintenance free.
    Available in ATEX ex-proof version.

    • CuZn : G1/8
    • Stainless Steel : G1/8
    2.Operating pressure
    •0 … 600 mbar
    •0 … 6 bar
    3.Gas type
    • Air and non-aggressive gases (Family 1-2-3, EN 437)
    • Special version for COG and Biogas
    4.Approvals : EC-type tested and certified according to EN 161
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