• Connector Nanaboshi NT Series Receptacle Type S And Type G

    NT Series Connector  Nanaboshi


    1. Solid, lightweight, and further provided with ground contacts.

    2. Any cable can be used.(Ø 8 to Ø 24 mm)

    3. Water-Proof, Oil-Proof type.

    4. Safety design providing earthing contact

    Material and Finish :


    -          Material : Aluminum alloy die casting or Aluminum alloy[shell size 28.32]

    -          Finish : Chrome plating


    -          Material : Epoxy resin


    -          Material : Copper Alloy

    -          Finish : Silver plating, Gold plating


    -          Material : Oil-resistant rubber

    Cable termination : Soldering

    Operating temperature range : -40°C to + 85°C

    Receptacle S Type

     1. NT-50*-RM    

    Number of contacts : 4,10,12,15

    Receptacle G Type

    1.  NT-50*-RF    

    Number of contacts : 4,10,12,15
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