• TDS 100F Remote Ultrasonic Flow Meters

    Wall mounted fixed type ultrasonic flow meter
    Remote Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Ultrasonic flow meter TDS-100F series meters are applicable to measure liquid flow in industry application.main frame include wall-mounted standard  S type, wall mounted ex-proof S type, panel s type and native place displaying (F4).sensors include clamp on type, insertion type, inline type.

    The main board of TDS-100F  is suitable for any kinds of transducers,including clamp-on type, insertion type, π in-line type, standard in-line type and same kinds of transducers from other manufacturers.the pipe parameters and calibration parameters of water meter and in-line pipe are input by manufacture, users do not need to input any parameter, only need to connect with flow meters to work.

    Applied to on-line measure and system monitor for nearly all liquids from petrol chemical,metallurgy,electric power plant, irrigation, city water company,energy monitor fields, realize the functions of measuring and checking of flow velocity, flow rate, accumulation and heat quantity of different liquids, and flow rate on/off, liquids distinguish.

    The user should tell the manufacture which kind of power supplying flow meter he need before ordering. Generally, the products provided by manufacture is 220 VAC power supplying flow meters. Special attention for operators : the flow meter will be badly damaged if the 220 VAC power supplying machine inserts into DC power resource, or the DC 24V power supplying machine inserts into AC 220V power resource. There are two power-supplying methods for TDS-100 fixed type machine (hang able type and plate type):

    AC 220V (AC power suppl y in general)
    DC 24V (DC power supply in general)

    Technology features :
    Operating power :AC 85—264V or isolation DC 8-36VDC
    Repeatability:better than 0.2%.accuracy:better than 1%
    Signal output :
    One channel standard isolation RS485 output
    One channel isolation 4-20mA or 0-20mA active output.
    One channel OCT output(programmed between the pulse width(6-1000ms),default before leaving factory (200ms))
    One channel isolation relay output,with positive,negative,net accumulation pulses and different alarm signals.
    Signal input :
    Two channel three wire system PT100 platinum resistor input loop,to make heat meter has the function of displaying heat quantity.
    Three channel 4-20mA input optional,accuracy:0.1%,has the ability to input the signals of pressure, liquid level, temperature and so on.

    Display:2*20 backlit LCD(Chinese and English optional)
    Operating:4*4 tactile keypad or magnetic 4 keypads operating(F4 mainframe)
    Other functions :
    Automatic memory the positive,negative,net totaliser flow rate and heat quantity of the last 512 days,128 months,10years
    Automatic memory the time of power on/off and flow rate of the last 30 times, realize to replenish by hand or automatically,read the data through Modbus communication protocol.
    Protection level :
    mainframe : IP65
    IP68 (F4 mainframe)
    Transducer : IP68
    Ex-proof:EXd װ BT4 (TDS-100F2 type)
    Transducer :
    Clamp-on type
    Insertion type
    In-line type.
    The new TDS-100F series ultrasonic flow meter can respectively or at same time use 16 key keyboard monitor. 16 key parallel or serial port key board, including 10 digit keys, 2 up/down arrow key, 1 Menu key(M), 1 enter key, 1 arithmetic point key, 1 backspace key. The keyboard can make users operate quickly and conveniently 4 key keyboard has 2 up/down arrow key, 1 menu key(M), 1 enter key (ENT), inputing digits, characters, and arithmetic point is by using up arrow key to input many times, the use of down arrow key is to move to next digit position.

    Optional accessory :

    Clamp-on transducer (standard S1 style,standard M1 style, high temperature S1H, high temperature M1H)
    Insertion transducer(standard insertion B,cement insertion B)
    In-line type transducer(hygienic style, Π style,standard style)
    PT100 3 wire system platinum resistor(one pair,used for heat meter)
    SEYV75-2 style special shielded twisted pair cable
    Strap(applied with installation of transducers on cast iron, GRP, PVC, etc. that can not be welded directly).
    Installation of The new TDS-100F series is the easiest and convenient way in the installation of all flow meters, just choosing a suitable measurement point, input the pipe parameters of this pipe point to the flow meter, then fix the transducers on the pipe.
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