• Pressure Level Transmitter

    Level Transmitter
    Pressure Level

    As the level of the liquid rises, the pressure in bottom part increases. Accordng to the difference of pressure, it is delivered to the gate of the sensor. And the pressure in the air pushes pressure cell. The electric signal generated by the pressure cell is converted to linear current value.


    • Easy install and widely applicable.
    • Able to use in clean water, waste water, ocean water, sewage tank, plant, LPG, or chemical tank.



    A/S Check Point
    If you find any abnormal symptom during operation, please try to check below points.
    ■ Is the sequence circuit set correctly?
    ■ Isn't the lead line cut or short-circuit?
    ■ Is the float installed correctly regarding the direction or point?
    ■ Is there output through the lead line when you move the float up and down?
    If the trouble still exists, please kindly contact below.


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