• Flow Measurement

    Things to note the installation of flow meters for liquid application ensure that the flow meter is installed in such a way that the fluid in the flow meter must be full, because the steam / gas flowmeter can alter the geometry and affect accuracy. Flow meters are used to measure gas / vapor, must make sure that the flowmeter is installed such that the flowmeter remains full of gas / vapor, because liquid in the flowmeter can alter the geometry and affect accuracy. Therefore the flow meter should be installed in horizontal lines and vertical pipe flow with flow from bottom to top

    There are some key questions which need to answered before selecting a flow meters :

    •    What kind of the fluid being measured by the flowmeter or flow meters (fluid, gas, water, air, stem, etc)?

    •    Is the fluid clean?

    •    What is the minimum and maximum flow rate for the flow meter?

    •    What is the minimum and maximum process pressure?

    •    What is the minimum and maximum process temperature?

    •    Do you require rate measurement and/or totalization from the flow meter?

    •    If the liquid is not water, what viscosity is the liquid?

    •    Do you require a local display on the flow meter or do you need an electronic signal output?

    •    Is the fluid chemically compatible with the flowmeter wetted parts?

    •    If this is a process application, what is the size of the pipe?
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