• EX115/215 Insert Electromagnetic Flow Meter



    ‘Hot tap’ EX meters are designed so they can be installed and serviced without depressurizing the pipe. Fitting Installation.  The EX115 and 215 sensors have a 2” NPT thread for compatibility with the 2” isolation valve.  Any fitting that provides matching NPT female thread may be used.  The installation procedure compensates for differences in fitting height. If initial installation is performed on an unpressurized pipe, cut a 
    minimum 1-3/4” hole in the pipe.  If possible, measure the wall thickness and write it down for use in depth setting.  Then install the threaded fitting (saddle, weldolet, etc.) on the pipe. If it is necessary to do the initial installation under pressure, any standard hot tap drilling machine with 2” NPT adapter, such as a Transmate or a Mueller, can be used.  Ordinarily, it is not necessary to use an installation tool, due to the small diameter tube the meter can be installed by hand at all but the highest pressures. 

    Meter Installation.
    Remove the sensor flow meter unit from the valve assembly. Using a thread sealant, install the valve assembly on the pipe fitting.  If the initial installation is a pressure (“hot”) tap, remove the 1-1/2” x 2” adapter bushing at the back of the valve.  Thread the tapping machine on, open the valve, and tap using a minimum of 1-3/4” or maximum 1-7/8” cutter.  After retracting the machine and closing the valve, reinstall the flow sensor.  When the sensor is secure, open the valve and adjust depth setting (see diagram and instructions that follow). Be sure flow is in the direction of the arrow on the housing. Tighten locking collar and compression nut fully.

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