A Parker pressure-loaded gear pump consists of two, intermeshing, hardened-steel, precision-ground gear assemblies. These precision gears are enclosed by a high-strength, die-cast aluminum front cover,  back cover and a high-yield, strength-extruded aluminum center section.
    • Speeds up to 4000 rpm
    • Pressure-loaded design
    • Efficient, simple design - few moving parts
    • Exceptionally compact and lightweight for their capacity
    • Efficient at high pressure operation
    • Resistant to cavitation effects
    • High tolerance to system contamination
    • Reliable under cold weather operation
    • Sleeve-bearing construction
    • Multi-fluid compatibility Pressure capabilities
    • Continuous pressures up to 2500 psi (172 bar)
    • Optional built-in relief valve on ''D'' series
    • Optional built-in relief valve on ''H'' series
    • Optional built-in relief valve, and flow divider on ''H'' series
    • Special controls (Consult Technical Services)
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