• Battery Powered Flow Meter

    Battery owered Flow Meter Ultrasonic water meter Stratified fluid piping design for two-channel measurement, measurement accuracy ·
    Range than the width, and less than 0.01m /s starting flow ·

    Display large amount of information, with the screen display 9 digital display four cumulative flow and instantaneous flow figures ·
    Design of energy-saving, power-saving features such as automatic meter will empty tube or long-term fluid standstill ·
     Full IP68 protection class design, the components completely sealed to protect, even if the water can be long-term work ·
    Design at the time, there were a total of records and data collection functions on the month, day.
    Ultrasonic flow meter With multiple communication interface mode; TTL level pulse output and USART interface for easy connection to other low power devices; standard RS485 interface; infrared communication interface; support CJ-188 communication protocol.
    Supports standard MODBUS, M-BUS, HART communication protocol, compatible communications protocol Haifeng ASCⅡ code ·
    Output signal and diverse: Available two isolated pulse signal output, (which pulse and pulse width equivalent programmable); may also 4-20mA two-wire output ·
    With online software upgrades · With Dual PT1000 temperature measurement function, can achieve heat measurement ·
     Built-quantitative control can be achieved manually or set the time automatically start controller, thus achieving automatic timing quantitative or quantitative irrigation water ·
    Depending on customer needs to select a variety of units, including cubic US gallons, cubic feet and liters ·
     Built-in lithium battery, the battery life of more than 6 years

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