• Air Gear Motor 4AM-CB20

    Pneumatic Gear Motor
    Air Gear Motor
    Gast Air Gear Motor
    Air powered Gear Motors are available in right-angle and in-line models offering a maximum torque range of 73 to 5,200 lb. in. (8 to 587 Nm) and gear ratios from 10:1 to 60:1 single reduction gear reducers.

    Variable Speed
    Non-Electrical Sparking
    Cool Running
    Shaft Location Flexibility
    Mounting Flexibility
    Mixing Equipment
    Conveyor Drives
    Pump Drives
    Food Packaging
    Pharmaceutical Packaging
    Hoists and Winches
    Hose Reels
    Fiberglass Choppers
    Tension Devices
    Performance Summary
    Max Torque :  7500 lb/in (72 Nm)
    Max Speed : 150 rpm
    Torque @ Max Speed : 487 lb/in (31 Nm)
    Speed @ Max Torque : 15 rpm
    Output Power : 1.17 hp (0.874 kW)
    Max Air Consumption : 71 cfm (120 m3/h)
    Gear Ratio : 20:1
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